What We Do

We love to create stuff, but we do more than that. We help our clients better understand their mission, their goals—their brand. We create a structure that assists our clients to fully realize their vision. We’d like to think we’re creating more than just collateral, we’re building strong relationships.

But, just in case you are curious about the final products you can expect from all that development, design, writing, and managing . . .
logos & wordmarks  •  style & brand guides  •  brochures & booklets  •  magazines  •  print & digital advertising  •  billboards, banners & bus wraps  •  packaging  •  posters & postcards  •  invitations & schwag  •  decks & presentations  •  websites & email blasts  •  t-shirts & totes  •  if you can imagine it, we can probably create it


Who We Are

Small is a state of mind. With many years (more than we’d like to admit) under our belts, we know exactly what we are capable of producing and when it’s time to bring in our larger team of experts. Our clients know us by name and work with us directly. We provide a seamless process that produces exceptional results—both in final product and overall experience.


Kernan Coleman

principal/creative director

Laurie Gibbs

principal/editorial director


Lupita May Alcott

team builder